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Emergency First Response (EFR+CFC) PADI specialty

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Product description

The Emergency First Response training (First Aid / BHV) is an education for which we do not have to go into the water. During this training you will learn how to offer help to people who are in a life-threatening situation (primary care). In addition, you also receive the follow-up to primary care. You will learn how to continue further help until the emergency services arrive.

You also learn how to deal with an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), what to do if someone does not have a heartbeat (providing resuscitation and heart massage) and how to treat severe bleeding.

This training is not only meant for divers. Nor can divers participate in this training. The EFR certificate is an internationally recognized first aid certificate and can also serve as a first aid part for your BHV obligation!

Because of the unique set-up of the curriculum, employees of companies and private individuals can familiarize themselves with the First Aid very quickly. The EFR training will take 1 day in which we will deal with the theory and will go through the self-study questions, where you will take an exam later in the day. about it. In addition, it is also a practical training in which we teach you the skills on how to act in certain situations. We will conclude the day with a number of end scenarios, where you can apply the learned skills in practice.

The course offers a lot of flexibility. The new materials -a clear manual and DVD-of the EFR course make home study possible, so that during the lesson more attention is paid to the practical skills. The very latest resuscitation guidelines are incorporated in it, and that means that defibrillation is also discussed. In addition, an introduction to the use of oxygen in medical emergencies is part of the EFR program which can be fully included as an option, as a result of which the EOP certificate (emergency oxygen provider) can also be obtained!

Validity first aid course Emergency First Response (EFR)

The EFR Course takes 1 day to keep your license valid, however, you must follow a refresher day every 2 years. The EFR program follows the most recent ERC guidelines from 2010 and is fully recognized in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, this program is also recognized by the ARBO Service and is also valid as part of BHV (company emergency services).

We only provide the complete First Aid / EFR training:

So all modules including AED & care for painting are taken with us: You will receive an EFR certificate with CPR / AED / First aid - Adult / Child / Infant

Life-saving operations (CPR)

Emergency First Response (EFR) is a course that, after completion, enables you to offer assistance to people who are in a life-threatening situation. In addition, in the secondary care program you learn to provide assistance to people in need when the ambulance is delayed or unavailable. You will learn important skills that are based on the vision of Basic Life Support Working Group of the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR).

1. Primary care
Emergency First Response Primary care teaches you to deal with life-threatening emergencies.

The life-saving actions, skills that are taught are:

1. Assessing the environment
2. Use of protective equipment
3. First assessment
4. Ventilate
5. Resuscitate an adult
6. Clear blocked respiratory system
7. Stop severe bleeding
8. Shock management
9. Stabilization of the spine

2. Secondary care
Secondary care program covers the part of injuries and diseases that are not directly life threatening.

The life-saving actions, skills that are taught are:

1. Treating injuries
2. Treatment of disease symptoms
3. Make connections
4. Splinting of fractures and dislocated limbs

In addition to practical exercises, the course consists of theory and an exam. After completing the course you will receive the EFR certificate. In order to keep your recognition valid, a refresher course must be followed every year at an EFR Instructor.

3. Use of AED

Both the EFR course and the Care for Children course are taught to deal with an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). A victim with a cardiac arrest has the greatest chance of survival (70%) if the arrest can be stopped within the first minutes by administering a defibrillation, an electric shock. The medical emergency services usually only reach the patient after a few minutes. The chance of survival has now been reduced to only 2 to 5%. After a short training you are authorized to apply defibrillation as a "layman".

4. Emergency Reference: Dealing with o.a.

• small cuts, abrasions
• sprains
• dislocations
• injuries to teeth
• temperature-related injuries
• accidents with electricity
• eye injuries
• diabetes

PADI Specialty books and license application: Displayed price includes lesson requirements and license application, PADI does not have all courses of books and / or visual material available in your language, in that case the theory will be handled classically Your instructor will be happy to tell you more about it.

Self study specialty training courses:

If applicable, the theory applies that we assume that you control this by means of self-study and demonstrate this by handing in the answered questions of which the missed questions are treated during a theory session with or without examples!

Did you know that as a PADI diver you can also follow an SSI specialty?

You can also download our SSI specialty brochure: click here!

PADI (dive) certification:

You earn the license by mastering all skills according to the PADI standards.

Participation requirements:

-Minimum 12 years old

Duration of the course: Approximately one day depending on the progress of the student.
Number of dives: For the PADI Specialty Emergency First Response (EFR+CFC) we don't dive!

We dive 7 days a week!

The PADI Specialty Emergency First Response (EFR+CFC) can be followed at our diving school in Vinkeveen and Almere 7 days a week between 09:00 and 23:00 h. Call or email us directly to record your date or book directly online and we will contact you. to make an appointment when it suits you!

Diving equipment: During the PADI Specialty Emergency First Response (EFR+CFC) course you use Your own diving equipment or You can rent the necessary diving equipment with us!

Did you know that: We have a floating dive center on the Vinkeveense plassen? What makes boat diving for our daily expenses! That we really do diving lessons 7 days a week? that in addition to all SSI dive training we are also authorized to give most PADI diving courses and we do (almost) all diving courses from our dive ship at no extra cost ... so you can also take a boat dive :-)

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