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Welcome to the online customer service of our diving school from Almere & Vinkeveen!

This is our online customer service, which is a bit tricky as a diving school but we do our best, we hope to give answers to all your questions with our website, do you still have questions? call or email us that is probably a lot easier because diving is often customization and let that be our specialty in both PADI and SSI dive training!

Direct contact with our diving school:

Call us on 06-17470395 if we are under water or are teaching, unfortunately we can not record, in that case you can leave our voicemail so that we can call you back or you send an e-mail to info (@) vipdiveschool .com

We sometimes receive many text messages, apps, messenger messages & facebook comments for which we are grateful, but sometimes we can not keep track of it and ask you to call us "old-fashioned" or e-mail so that we can be sure that you can reply to your ask!

Why you could also choose for our PADI & SSI diving school in Almere:

We do not dive into the swimming pool just once a week, No we dive every day! Inside or outside water, tropical or frozen lakes, it does not matter to us! We lie almost every day somewhere on this planet in the water to teach or to enjoy! Diving is our thing and not one hour a week somewhere in a rented pool but throughout the day ... every day again ... life is great!


Mandatory paper work before we go diving

A number of papers are required to be able to dive, to be sure that you can take part in a diving training, the most important is the medical certificate, both PADI and SSI have their own declaration which has to be filled in, according to this document "yes" is a medical examination at a doctor necessary before you can join underwater, this statement is there for you and our safety, please fill him in truth!


Download here the SSI forms, fill them in and deliver them to your diving school in Almere!

Please note, these forms are mandatory, and must be filled in truthfully! our dive center also uses personalized SSI files, these are provided at our center with your personal information and passport photo!

SSI Verklaring van begrip & Privacy Download SSI verklaring van begrip
SSI medische verklaring Download SSI medische verklaring (klik)
SSI diver training record Download SSI diver training record (klik)
SSI AIR/EAN tabellen/ duiktabel Download SSI duiktabel (klik) 
SSI EAD/CNS tabel/ CNS clock Download SSI EAD/CNS tabel (klik)

SSI Algemene training standaards 2018 (Download hier)
(aanvullende standaards voor SSI duik cursussen zijn niet openbaar)

Openbare SSI training records duik cursussen: 

SSI Training record open water diver (Download hier)
SSI Training record Advanced Adventurer diver (Download hier)
SSI Training record Diver stress & Rescue (Download hier)
SSI Training record Extended range (Download hier)
SSI Training record Freediving (Download hier)
SSI Training record Specialty programs (Download hier)

SSI Dive professional overeenkomst (Download hier)
SSI Training record Crossover/Upgrade (Download hier)
SSI Training record Divemaster (Download hier)
SSI Training record Divemaster crossover/Upgrade (Download hier)
SSI Training record Assistant Instructor (Download hier)
SSI Training record Instructor training course (Download hier)
SSI Training record Instructor Evaluation (Download hier)

SSI Verklaring van begrip & Privacy Assistant Instructor (Download hier)
SSI Verklaring van begrip & Privacy Dive guide (Download hier)
SSI Verklaring van begrip & Privacy Instructor Evaluation (Download hier)
SSI Verklaring van begrip & Privacy Instructor training course (Download hier)


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