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About Us

We would like to introduce ourselves to you:

We are Wilfred & Bianca in 2014 we have founded our PADI & SSI dive school in Almere, from our passion. Nowadays we are known for our very high quality "no hurries, no stress" diving courses and diving trips at home and abroad!

Of course, our eye-catching diving vessel "Susanna" in Vinkeveen, with which we have been doing daily boat diving since 2018, also contributed to our ample reputation! (

Where we started as a private dive school and still do a lot, we also started giving "normal" diving lessons from our building in Almere where it quickly became clear that our way of teaching and social contact for many divers was a relief!

Partly because of this we have now become a diving school of reasonable size with the title SSI dive center where we train PADI & SSI divers at all levels in all parts of the world and we are very proud of that!

Who are Wilfred & Bianca and what do you do, a brief summary of our PADI & SSI dive school in Almere

We are two passionate divers who decided in 2014 to set up a PADI & SSI diving school and to no longer lend "our" name to third parties, we only give diving lessons in small groups and increasingly also on a private course where all time and attention lies on one student, what is certain is that we do not opt ​​for the "fast" money but train decent divers!

Since 2018 we also teach for fellow diving schools, these are often specialty courses where we have a lot of experience or (diving) courses that colleagues can not (yet) give themselves!

We are the first and only PADI & SSI diving school in Almere and surroundings that is actually open 7 days a week and provides real diving lessons, so both weekdays (wonderfully quiet in Vinkeveen) and in the evenings or weekends you can come to us!

We have made our passion "real" our profession. We dive 7 days a week worldwide with private lessons on board mega yachts to dive guides between whale sharks or Orca`s in Norway but "just" an open water diver course in Vinkeveen. also super! Wilfred really is somewhere in the water somewhere on this planet every day ... so you'll meet him once!

Dive the VIP way: private lessons, private padi or SSI instructor, Join the experience! It's worth it!
Welcome to, From here, we think in possibilities and not in limitations!

We are a PADi & SSI diving school from Almere that teaches diving lessons according to the world famous PADI & SSI system, we are a young "old-fashioned" family company driven by passion and work together with you in a friendly atmosphere to your diving license, We will teach you to dive that is also one of our daily activities because we really dive every day! and not sometimes, occasionally or once a week!

We work daily with students on their diving skills, both novice and (well) advanced divers can come to us!

We do this from our dive ship in Vinkeveen, from here we arrange all diving courses in the Netherlands and give daily lessons or facilitate other (fellow) diving school holders on the Vinkeveense plas!

Our PADI & SSI dive school is equipped with a very spacious and modern classroom and with its "work floor" area of ​​130 m2 to the larger of Europe and is of course also fully equipped come along to get acquainted or book your daytrip on the Vinkeveense lake!

We usually give the swimming pool lessons in Almere, Huizen, Amstelveen or elsewhere on request, do you need privacy? Then is it possible that we can rent the pool privately so you can learn to dive undisturbed, do you have your own swimming pool? then we come (if deep enough) "just" to you no problem, but also a tropical destination is negotiable .... :-)

Your PADI & SSI dive instructor:

Of course you will receive lessons from a VIP PADI & SSI instructor who not only has a lot of experience with working at VIP level but also just with both feet on the beach and actually has only one goal: You learn to dive! So what are you waiting for ? start your adventure today! Call, email or come along on a walk-in evening and sign up for your PADI or SSI diving course!

Wilfred, Dive and EFR Instructor, Padi pro number IDCS # 339879 (The PADI ranking IDCS stands for IDC Staff instructor and testifies to a very large dose of experience!)

Since 2016 we have been an SSI dive center, Wilfred is now SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer (AIT) (# 73993) and we teach SSI System as a base, PADI courses are of course also possible but we are happy to show you the possibilities of SSI aboard our dive ship!

I am mostly your dive instructor, at least if you choose private lessons, I am a passionate diver with many diving qualities and I still try to develop myself, I like to transfer my dive knowledge and passion to you and I hope you will just as enthusiastic as I am and your dive career goes a step further and eventually you might also want to become a diving professional.

Your contact person at the office:

Bianca does a lot of administrative tasks for the diving school, acts in and sells, arranges the accounting and has started her dive pro training, not because she wants to give lessons but because she can use the knowledge in the office or in advising candidate diver!

Chances are you will meet Bianca in the swimming pool or aboard our dive ship when you come boat diving to Vinkeveen! When Wilfred is working abroad (with regularity) Bianca takes over the management of the entire diving school and the diving ship.

Which PADI & SSI diving courses can I follow with you?

We can be very short in that, we can give almost all diving courses and specialties of both PADI and SSI from beginner to (far) advanced and even assistant instructor, training specialist or specialty instructor you can be at our diving school in Almere / Vinkveen!

Wilfred is also a certified First Aid / EFR / AED / O2 / CPR / React Right Instructor:

As an EFR instructor I can of course also give international recognized first aid lessons and examine them in the EFR system including AED and care for painting! we give these first aid / AED / CPR / O2 courses both privately and professionally!

In addition to PADI's emergency first response program, he is also allowed to provide the React Right training courses of SSI including First Aid, AED, CPR and O2 (emergency oxygen). For this series of courses, we also apply them both privately and professionally!

Certified NIKTA exam desk:

You can also contact us for all your (complete) BHV / AED / Acute care and first aid courses certified in accordance with NIKTA!

You see it we are from all markets at home:

Diving is in our blood, we do this every day and every time we lead new enthusiastic divers, this makes us not only the only PADI & SSI dive school of Almere that is open 7 days a week but also the most experienced PADI & SSI dive school of Almere and surroundings, diving and diving lessons is namely our daily work therefore we can speak of "real" experience and not because we have a five star center logo "bought" with us you will find pure undisturbed diving experience and that makes it us unique!

Because safety is of paramount importance, all first aid courses can be followed, such as First Aid / EFR / AED / CPR / O2 / React Right and Child First Aid also for these courses you can "just" contact us. We are at home from all markets!

Good to know :

All our staff members are at least certified in First Aid / CPR / O2 / AED and follow an obligatory annual update regarding different PADI & SSI rescue skills both above and under water, Safety first is our motto!

Do you have any questions?

Do you still have questions for us despite our introduction? we are happy to help you, Service with a smile ... check!


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